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how can you find the best trumpet lessons by the best trumpet teacher? The best one for you. That’s what this video blog vlog is going to be about today.

Well, this site is a great place to start for trumpet lessons.

And, you know it’s kind of an interesting obvious question that people don’t ask until a lot of times they’ve gone through several different trumpet instructors and trumpet teachers, you know, for their trumpet lessons.


And um, how did I arrive to conclude that? Well, ummm number one it happened to me when I was younger, but number two, a lot of people that come to me for my course of especially on trumpet high notes, trumpet upper register, trumpet umm endurance, all that kind of good stuff almost always they will have studied from somebody else and not just their local community teacher. Umm I have had people that have studied with Roy Stevens, I’ve had people that have studied with Bill Adam, umm uh Doc Reignhardt, and I’ve had people that have actually studied with ummm Wayne Bergeron, I had , i’ve had a couple of students that have taken the $120 lesson with Arturo, i’ve had people that have come from some of my more direct competitors that do a lot of similar things ummm that I do as far as helping trumpet players online umm with trumpet lessons.


So, they all arrive at the same conclusion that whatever they were doing might have been ok, might have done them a little bit good, but didn’t really get them where they wanted to as far as reaching their goals. So, really in a nutshell, there’s two simple things that you can follow to end up with the best trumpet lessons for you by the best trumpet teacher whether that would be an online trumpet teacher umm or an in person trumpet teacher as well.


So, the first thing is, I mean this is so simple because even myself when I was younger, I just glossed over it: study with a trumpet teacher, take trumpet lessons from a trumpet teacher that can actually do what you want to accomplish…that’s NUMBER 1.


And NUMBER 2: you got to make sure that the trumpet teacher you want to take trumpet lessons from has demonstrated results. and that means in the form of students that have already taken from him or her!

So those are the two things we are going to talk about a little bit today.

So, the first one is ummm pretty straight forward. I mean let’s give you an example, let’s just say that you want to be the best orchestral trumpet player in the world!

And orchestral music, chamber music, is your thing and you want to find some trumpet lessons by a trumpet teacher that could help you accomplish that goal.


Now, if you start taking lessons from me, I can help you out with some of the technique and pedagogy that will enable you to be a better orchestral player, but ummm i’ve got to be honest and i’m not going to beat around the bush: I don’t play orchestral music all that much. I’ve never been in the top symphonies, I never have really wanted to, and it’s just not my thing. I mean, it’s just not my thing.

I am not an expert at it or even close. So, if you came to me and studied with me for a couple of years and maybe you never even told me about your goals about being an orchestral trumpet player, you’re going to get good in certain areas, but wouldn’t it be better for you to pick one of the top orchestral guys in your community or your nearby community and study with with that individual…guys or gals?

So, ummm that’s one example right there. I mean, get with the person that can play the way you want to play. That would be NUMBER 1.

Another example would be umm let’s flip flop that so I just gave you a reason why you wouldn’t want to take lessons, but umm I’m not trying to use reverse psychology on you here and steer you away from me, but umm by and large the people that have had actually come to take lessons with me actually do so because they want to increase their trumpet high notes, their trumpet upper register, their endurance on their trumpet, their strength of their embouchure here for trumpet…all that kind of good stuff.

That’s why people tend to come to me for lessons. They also want to learn how to get in the jazz game as far as commercial  jazz, lead trumpet, and rock. Umm or they already know how to do that and they want to go up to the next level and really become one of the top tier lead trumpet players. Umm that would be when you start playing books that tend to have a lot of notes in the lead trumpet section above high f and g’s, f’s and double g’s so that would be your top tier lead trumpet playing and you already know what that is:


Louie Bellson, Buddy Rich, ahhh Maynard Ferguson, ohhh Big Phat Band stuff so that and there’s other lesser known umm charts and composers and bands that will have stuff above F and double G…that stuff is raunchy and difficult to play. Raunchy in a good way, I mean it’s, it’s umm tough stuff, especially when you got to play more than one chart.


So, umm if you’re taking umm from the world’s greatest 2nd book player for jazz improv and he really doesn’t or she doesn’t really do much more than that, that’s how they make,  maybe they live in New York and maybe all they do is just jazz…jazz combo, jazz this, you know, jazz at sunday brunches, you know all that stuff, and that’s all they do. If you were taking lessons from him or her and just because of the reputation they’re a good player as a trumpet player maybe they even have a good reputation as a trumpet lesson teacher.

But, you never really told them about your goals and um, you might spin your wheels with them you know for a year before you figure out they’re not going to help you become the best lead trumpet player in the world.

and the reason is obvious: they don’t do lead trumpet that much.

They might do it on a gig here or there, but basically they’re , they’re a jazzer, a 2nd book player or small combo jazz trumpet.

So, you want to get with someone who specializes! And that brings up kind of the last point of this: Ummm there are people that are all arounders when it comes to trumpet lessons and trumpet teachers that can pretty much do decent at a lot of the aspects of trumpet.


And what I mean by that is you got a guy who can sit in on a 2nd book and umm sound pretty decent, he could also get up there and play some lead, and if we are talking about and when i say he, i really mean he or she. I am just using he for simplicity.

I would pick the she and say that, that umm, she could go sit in the jazz combo somewhere, she could go and in the orchestra and play there.

So, that’s kind of an all arounder. they can maybe they are doing sessions and like that, but for you, if you really want to accomplish a certain goal, it would be better to really focus on what that goal is and get with someone who specializes and someone who is the best in that particular technique on the trumpet.


I am trying to remember, but I think it was Chet Baker he, ummm , I am trying to remember where he came up, it might have been that big two hour umm kind of biography on his life, but he made a remark about , umm how to be successful in life is to find something that you are good at and make sure that you are better at it than everyone else..and then everything else will take care of itself.

And I thought that was pretty unique. I thought that was , umm, well maybe it’s not unique, but I thought it was practical and relevant because you really want to do want to get good at something and be the best at it, right? So, that makes sense if you actually want to learn a specific technique on trumpet, you got to take trumpet lessons with a trumpet teacher who is actually an expert in that particular area.

So, that’s kind of the last point. so you don’t want an all arounder.

All arounder is good for when you are in 5th grade, maybe junior high and high school, or whatever, but i mean, at some point you’ll go into a direction that you really love: Classical, Baroque kind of music, you know Chamber Music or could be just love listening to Miles and Chet and Coltrane and all those guys and you know you just want to be a jazz, jazz trumpet player. And so you have to find someone that specializes in that and not an all arounder.


Ok, so we talked about, we’re talking about right now on just to recap ummm how can you find the best trumpet lessons by the best trumpet teacher out there whether it be online or in person.

And we discussed on of the main points is: make sure that that particular trumpet teacher can demonstrate a proficiency and expertise in what you actually want to accomplish.

So that’s very very important.

Now, NUMBER 2, just because someone can play, and is an awesome trumpet player doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be able to teach you and that you will be able to get the information that they already got inside your noggin’ and become that good.

I’ll give you a couple of interesting two cases:

and it’s very interesting because they are both probably the two best trumpet players that have walked the face of this earth. Maynard Ferguson, trumpet player Maynard Ferguson and trumpet player Maurice Andre.

Now, it’s interesting and almost a little spooky that both had, uhh 2, both had sons, that um originally started out playing trumpet. I think Bently switched to bass uhh, but anyway, this is all all legend you know i didn’t , umm obviously i didn’t sit down with Maynard and talk with him about it, but this is what i have heard and based on several accounts it seems to be pretty much factual.

uhhh Maynard Ferguson couldn’t teach his own son umm trumpet the way he plays. Listen to that: Maynard Ferguson couldn’t show his own son how to play extremely superbly well like he does on the trumpet with the power and the range and all the stuff that he does.

Umm well, some people might argue that, oh who wants to take trumpet lessons from their Dad….you know maybe they don’t get along. oh you could play devil’s advocate all you with with these two guys. The bottom line is when you have a supernatural talent like Maynard and Maurice Andre, a lot of it is talent.

Yes, they did work and practice, but my friends you’re talking about two of the most talented umm trumpet players in the world , there might be a lot of what they do that they don’t  even know how they do it themselves because they just have a natural talent.

So, that was Maynard Ferguson, who couldn’t teach his , uhh own son trumpet had to send him away to be taught by somebody else.

Maurice Andre…same thing! had to send his son away to be taught by somebody else.


So, I hope that highlights and turns a light bulb that just because you go oh, you’re looking at someone going oh my god they’re such an awesome trumpet player, the best in the world, i’ve got to take lessons from that person. uh uhh.

You might want to take a lesson just to say you had a lesson with them uhhh but here comes the point 2 of this discussion today:

You can take lessons from them and expect to get great results as long as they have students that can demonstrate  what they learned from them. So that’s part 2 of this uh video.


So, part 1 was find a trumpet lesson teacher who can umm who is the expert at what you want to accomplish on trumpet. Right? we already discussed that.

Number 2 would be to find a trumpet teacher who has demonstrated through his students or her students how well he or she teaches trumpet!

And what if you use these 2 prong approach you won’t go wrong, but what you’re going to do is you’re going to become a little bit frustrated.


for example: One of the most popular , umm trumpet, umm lesson teachers out there right now, and im not going to mention his name, but he does happen to live way down under from where we live here in the U.S.

uHHH, if you go to his site , he has a tone of actually good information, good material, I don’t doubt that he can actually teach, uhh, you know, pretty decently, like also he’s a wonderful player, but if you notice on the site he has a lot of accolades from famous trumpet players like Wayne Bergeron, uhhh I’m trying to think of some of the other ones. Bobby Shew, Wayne Bergeron, Arturo Sandoval.

Now, whenever I see that, I’m always suspect of that because did Arturo take this guy’s courses and go through it? to make sure they are up to stuff and that kid’s can learn? He sure as hell didn’t! Did Wayne Bergeron do that? NO! Did Bobby Shew go through his stuff and spend 2, 3, or 4 weeks on it , no he didn’t!

What likely happened is that umm this particular individual knows these high caliber celebrity trumpet players and it’s called the GOOD OLD BOYS CLUB!

They’re friends, uhh , they know how each other plays, they know each other’s personalities, and you got a little back slapping, right? A little elbow rubbing. And they might have just checked his stuff out, ummm briefly and said: “ yeah, this , we know this guy. he’s a trumpet player, yeah obviously this stuff looks good we’re going to say his stuff is great and they’re going to put their John Hancock on it.

That doesn’t mean the stuff actually is going to help you reach your goals. You need to have something different.

so when you are looking at trumpet lessons and trumpet teachers, uhhh especially online or i guess it doesn’t really even in matter, in person,  you want to make sure there are students that have taken lessons from this particular individual and can demonstrate what they learned and achieved. That, that is really highly critical. It is much more critical than having Arturo Sandoval pat him on the back and say  yeah good job man, this some great stuff. awesome!

Yeah, I mean. GOOD OLD BOYS CLUB , right?

They know each other. Arturo didn’t take his course, come on, let’s be real!

so, that is critical.

How do you do that?

Umm they call it PRODUCT REVIEWS, or TESTIMONIALS. Testimonials is kind of the old , old school way of doing it.

testimonials and product reviews. Now they break down into a couple of different categories:


And…which is the best? Video! of course. Because in a video review of a trumpet lesson teacher, you’re going to be able to hear, and watch the student talk about the course and play and show what they learned.

That’s really, really important, you can’t really fake that, right?

Now, I’m not saying written testimonials are fake because I have written testimonials and written product reviews on my site.

They’re not fake! But, obviously someone could just, you know type it out, throw it on there, right?

So, uhhh I would recommend that if you are trying to find the best because you are going to be spending money and that’s if you are trying to find the best trumpet lesson teacher for you for what you want to accomplish, at least find someone that has students that have gained what you have wanted to gain from this particular trumpet teacher.


And that would be the best way of product review or um video review and written testimonials.

Uhhh I submit you if they only have written testimonials, here is what you need to do for your investigation: get the full name of that person and google that name or youtube that name and research that person and you can put trumpet after it.

So, if it’s like JOE BLOW: “Wow, i took this guy’s stuff and it really helped me out alot he did this and i got this out of it and blah blah blah blah blah.

Well, take Joe blow, and put joe blow in a google search and then add trumpet to it and see what comes up. Or go to youtube.

You want to find this guy’s playing or could be , you know, a female as well.

You want to find their playing somewhere and how do they sound? Do they really sound?

So, this is really highly critical.

Uhhh, I get to toot my own horn here, right now because in my umm 16 trumpet upper register program high range course  ummm that i’ve been doing for over 5 year based on the criteria layed out in this video that you are watching right now, it is THE MOST SUCCESSFUL TRUMPET upper register course in history!

I’m not even blinking when I say that it really is . And one reason it can be proved it’s not by me saying it, it’s by all the students that have taken the course and got from above average to incredible , incredible results from the course!


Some students have had much better success from my own techniques, than i did!

What I mean by that is, in 4 months that the course takes to accomplish, there’s never been a span in my life where i went by and worked hard for 4 months and gained an octave in range.

Never happened to me! Zero, I’ll be honest…Zero. never happened.

I’ve had people come in to course, raw and fresh and green and after 4 months, I got a couple of stand out trumpet players that have got an octave in range.

Believe it or not..

My latest superstar is um a student that gained nine notes , so an octave and one note.

that’s incredible folks if you think about it.

I mean, uhhh I don’t know how they do it!

I mean, i’m  would love to be able to do that, so, im tooting my own horn here but guess what?

If you uh check out some of the links uh below in the description of this video you’ll see that yeah, ive just  been making you aware of the course and that it is the best and the most proven course in the world right now for increasing your trumpet range and your trumpet high notes and endurance.

But, I’m saying that, I’m the teacher of the course and the originator of the course, but when you click on some fo the links you’re going to see player after player after player talk about demonstrate it just pretty phenomenal I mean . And I’m talking close to 50 different, uh trumpet players, but also other brass from different levels.

Some of these guys are professionals , some of these guys ar doctors, or attorney’s , accountants, and some of them are, ummm freshman in high school.

so, it’s just pretty amazing, I just had to put in my own little plug there and uhh you research me, for example, umm, I actually can demonstrate and play this thing as far as, uhhh being proficient in the upper register and the extreme upper register.

And, you can watch me do it.

I’ve done it front of, you know, large live audiences.

I’ve done it in the studio and then I make these interesting little uhh youtube clips and i’ll play some trumpet high notes on them, whatever.

so, basically I can demonstrate it and the, what, how do you know if i can teach it?

You know maybe I am just a hot dog trumpet scream likes playing high notes.

How do you know if i can actually you know impart that wisdom…it’s because of the students that have gone through my course, that have taken the course and become extremely successful at um, expanding their upper register and their trumpet high range.


So, i hope this, uhh, trumpet lesson tutorial hit home some obvious logical, but most often times illusive points, that , and i’m recapping now so if you’ve been writing this down, you can shake your hand out a little bit and then get ready here we go writing down here’s some notes, uhh:

Got to find the trumpet lesson teacher that can actually play the way you want to play. That’s number 1.

Number 2 you want to get umm, you want to verify and ascertain that this particular trumpet lesson teacher has success teaching so not only can they play that well , but they can impart that wisdom and education and pedogogy to the trumpet student via their trumpet lessons.


and if you follow this advice, whether, it’s like my program, I’m not assuming that you’re wanting to increase your trumpet upper register.

you might be wanting to become the best Jazz Trumpet Player in the world and you really want to become the next Chet Baker or Miles Davis, so I’m not assuming that umm you’re wanting to become the next Maynard Ferguson or something like that.

Whether it’s me or whether it’s something else you want to use this 2 prong approach and I WILL PROMISE YOU if you follow the advice that i’m giving here, you will come up and start taking lessons, trumpet lessons,with the best trumpet teacher in the world that you find.

And what’s so cool about online is that you can find the best trumpet lesson teacher in the world for you.

and think about it folks, you’re going to be spending time practicing and your’re going to be investing money in this teacher and the trumpet lessons, and you want to get the biggest bang for your buck, right?

It’s obvious!

So, it was good to talk with you in this video blog, the vlog about how can you find the best trumpet lessons by the best trumpet teacher and I hope it all made sense to you, uhh, i think the time that you invest in here just sitting and listening umm to me talking about this …it’s just going to pay huge dividends back umm in your playing , your efficiency, saving you time, money and being with the right person whether it be a he or a she, there are plenty of women out there that can teach how to play just  like men so don’t umm be close minded keep your mind open to anybody that uhh can play the way that you want to play on the trumpet and they can probably can play uhh teach trumpet lessons if verified by other students.


So, I’m Kurt Thompson.

It’s a pleasure giving you some advice on this.

I got a couple more videos that are going to be coming out after this one so do look for that.

If you have any questions you can email me at my name is spelled kurt at, but i usually throw some links right down in the description.

So, umm there should be there in the first couple of lines so you should click on the different links and anyway:


….in tackling and mastering this guy!